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10 JAW-DROPPING Instapics of Tinaa Dattaa that you can’t miss.

Thank you for this @aneri_desai23 😘😘 #Repost @aneri_desai23 with @repostapp ・・・ And when the world wanted me to describe her, I did have a million things in mind. Well there are a million sides to her. She might tear you apart in a single look. Call her a hurricane, you won't ever see her coming. She might be the air you want to feel but can never touch. She can be the death of you, crazy like no other. Boy, her eyes can be your happy place, you might want to stop and stare. She's got that spark, catastrophic for your mind so calm. She is the right kinda crazy that makes you wanna hold on to her. So when the world wanted me to describe her, I could not say more. A little more, and I could lose her to them. #BestFriend #ProudOfHer #Achiever #NeverWantToLoseHer #GemOfAPerson #FriendshipGoals

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Credits : Instagram.

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