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10+ Pet Owners Who Regret Letting Other People Look After Their Animals

Do you own an animal? Are you looking for somebody to look after it while you go on holiday? Well if you love your pet then whatever you do, don’t leave it with these people! Because as you can see from this hilarious list compiled by Bored Panda, if there was a school for pet-sitters, these guys would have failed every class! Still, we’re sure you’ll agree that whatever pet care skills they lack are more than made up for by their ability to make us laugh! Check out the pictures below and don’t forget to vote for the funniest!

#1 I Leave My Roommate Alone With My Cat For One Week And This Is What Happens.


#2 This Is What Happens When You Let Your Boyfriend Take The Cat To The Groomer


#3 This Is What Happens When You Leave Your Kids With The Dog


#4 My Dad Just Posted This Picture Of My Dog On Facebook


#5 I Left My Niece Alone With My Dog For 20 Minutes And Came Back To This


#6 I Recently Realized That My 6 Year Old Sister Has Been Modeling Our Dog And Taking Pictures Of It On My Camera

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#7 I’m Not Allowed To Dogsit Anymore


#8 What My Girlfriend Does With My Cat While I’m At Work


#9 I Asked My Friend How My Dog Was Getting Along Without Me For The Weekend. This Was The Response


#10 My Sister Asked Me To Bring Her Dog From Dallas To Austin So I Sent Her This Picture And Said We Were On The Way


Credits : Bored Panda

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