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12 Statements by Sonam Kapoor That Prove Her to Be the Ultimate Fearless Babe

Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor is turning a year older with almost everything working for her. While most people just write about her as a fashionista, this pretty woman has also made some fiery statements that can make anyone’s jaw drop to the ground.

Right from calling Aishwarya Rai aunty to writing off everyone in Bollywood as bad dressers to calling names to Shobhaa De, Sonam does not mince words while speaking. The woman is fearless and has some dire opinions about most in Bollywood.

While she has never really remained controversy’s child, Sonam sure knows how to make headlines with her statements. This frankness and upfront attitude is often met with flak too. Some even call her motor-mouth, but does she relent? Oh no. That’s the Sonam everyone knows and that’s the Sonam everyone loves.

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Source : Dainik Bhaskar

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