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It’s Always 9.41am in iPhone Adverts: 10 Surprising Facts About Apple Inc. You Need to Know


Have you ever noticed that whenever Apple advertises an iPhone or iPad, the devices read 9:41am? In case you haven’t, just be attentive next time you see its print ads or television commercials.

Now you must be wondering the reason behind it. So let’s tell you that there’s interesting explanation as to why the 9:41am timestamp is so prevalent.

But it hasn’t always been 9:41am. In the first advert, the timing was 9:42am. That’s the time in the morning that Steve Jobs announced the very first iPhone in 2007.

Jobs memorably said, ‘This is a day I have been looking forward to for two-and-a-half years,’ and at 9:42 he announced the iPhone and a picture of the iPhone, displaying the time 9:42, popped up on the screen behind him.

So, in the first print advert it was 9:42am – the time it was shown on stage – but later models, including the iPhone 6, show 9:41 to reflect the conferences becoming a little shorter.

Even now, the phone is unveiled approximately 40 minutes into an Apple presentation.


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