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13 Famous Brand Logos With Hidden Meanings.

Logos are any brand’s recognition. There are lots of great logos out there which make you instantly connect with the brand and its products. Logo designing is an art, and in many cases, the designers include secret meanings to give it an additional touch. Here are 13 such famous brand logos with hidden meanings. Some of them are hidden and a few more obvious.

1) LG
LG logo has alphabets L & G representing the brand (originally called Lucky Goldstar), but what you wouldn’t have noticed is the smiley face that turns into a Pac-man videogame icon once turned around. Clever eh?


2) Amazon


This ecommerce giant’s identity comes from the Amazon river to convey its huge size. Did you notice an arrow that goes from a to z which shows its sells pretty much everything? Also the arrow doubles up as a smile :).

3) Baskin Robbins

This ice-cream chain has 31 sneaked into its logo BR. 31 in pink represents the number of flavours it sells in its outlets.


4) Vaio
Vaio is a popular laptop brand formerly owned by Sony. The logo not only looks stylish, it also refers to turning analog waves to digital. I & O refer to 1 and 0, which are the two digits used in binary code, the digital. Geeky!

Sony-Vaio-Logo-White-e14526784455175) Formula 1 The speed lines in red look like 1 right? Do notice the space between F and the speed lines. Do you see the number 1? The brand pulled a fast one nicely!

Formula-16) Toblerone
The chocolate company is from Bern, Switzerland which is known for its mountains. This explains the mountain in the logo. Bern is also called “The City of Bears”. Now look at the mountain again and find the hidden bear.

Tobelerone-e14526784158577) CNBC

The very colourful logo is beautiful, it also is a peacock. part of the NBC group, the colours represent the 6 divisions of the group.

8) FedEx
The logistics company seems fairly simple. Did you ever see the arrow between E & X? Yup, not so simple anymore.

9) Pinterest
The social media company has included a pin in its P representing a location pointer on a map.

pinterest10) Le Tour De France
The yellow circle represents the summer sun for this cycle race. It also doubles up as a wheel and the R next to it is a cyclist. Seated on U with O being the back wheel. Terrific stuff!


11) Hindustan Unilever

The company makes thousands of products- detergents, soaps, shampoos etc. The U comprises of all the products and what they mean to consumers.


12) Volkswagen
The logo of the car manufacturer looks like a big W. But it actually has a small V on the top and W below, for Volks Wagen.

Volkswagen-1024x102413) Sun Microsystems

The logo of Sun reads Sun in every direction! You just can’t not see it anymore.


Source : Daily Bhaskar

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