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7 Bollywood Fans Who Took It A Step Too Far

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1) This Sanjay Dutt fan who has his face tattooed on multiple places on his body. We DID NOT need to see that! 

6080347d8b6a1abb576e89a0b5cb4fa02) A fan of Aamir Khan cycled all the way to Mumbai, from Ranchi, to meet him! Not only that, he also brought Aamir handwritten letters from fellow fans he met on the road.


3) A fan of Madhuri Dixit, from Jamshedpur, has launched a calendar that begins on her birthday! He even appealed to the Government to declare her birthday as a public holiday.

c12d091b6db7fedf36e82e112e2de5ab 4) This Katrina crazy fan who met her then to-be father in law, Rishi Kapoor, on a flight!


5) Shahid Kapoor was stalked by none other than legendary Bollywood actor Rajkumar’s daughter Vastavikta! A failed actress, her obsession came to light when Shahid lodged a complaint against her with the police.


6) Vidya Balan, after her wildly successful The Dirty Picture, had a stalker who landed up at her doorstep! After tailing Vidya for months, he reached her home and that’s when Vidya decided to file a complaint. 

12302ce25cbff3f6e86696c945a1213b 7) Shivam Jemini, who is a die-hard fan of Shahrukh Khan, and a pretty talented VFX artist, recreated the FAN trailer with his body morphed into it. SRK loved it so much that he offered a job to Shivam at Red Chillies! Woot!

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