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7 Celebrities On Their First Oscars Vs Now

1) Kate went from being a skinny starlet to a super-hot red-carpet queen!


2) And Angelina evolved from an emo girl to a classy diva!


3) Matt Damon was accompanied by his mama on his first red carpet walk, and this year he was accompanied by the gorgeous Luciana Barroso.


 4) John Travolta has maintained his classy swagger through the years!d


 5) Charlize Theron went from Hot to Still Pretty Hot in 16 years!


 6) Jennifer Aniston doesn’t seem to have aged a day in 15 years! The men, on the other hand, are becoming younger by the year.

58738f99ab443936350ec4241078c3fb 7) And finally, the King of this years’ Oscars, Leonardo DiCaprio. That man has won our hearts since the Inception of his career, and after years of playing ‘Catch Me If You Can,’ the Oscars trophy has finally ended up in Leo’s arms! But one thing hasn’t changed: His charming smile!


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