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Adorable dog looks just like a MOP as he frolics in the snow with four-year-old boy

A dog appears to resemble a mop hanging in the air as he runs through the snow with a four-year-old child.

The happy Komondor – also known as the Hungarian sheepdog – leaped and jumped as little Arthur Malsub watched with joy.


Photographer Andy Seliverstoff, of St Petersburg, in Russia, spent more than an hour taking pictures of the dog as it ran around a park, in Peterhof, St Petersburg.

The 58-year-old said: “Arthur was walking with Zeus, a very playful Komondor dog, through the park when I took these photos.

“They were playing and enjoying the snowy winter in St Petersburg. It was Arthur’s first time seeing these type of dogs.

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The dog was having so much fun in the snow (Photo: Solent News & Photo Agency)

“He was in awe of how high they could jump, how much fun the Komondors’ are and how unusual they look.

“I think his emotions overwhelmed him, and he couldn’t contain his excitement – it was wonderful to see them play together.”


Zeus, who is six years old, played in the 20cm-deep snow for around an hour.

Mr Seliverstoff added: “Zeus is a unique animal.

The dog and boy played in the snow for an hour (Photo: Solent News & Photo Agency)

“They may look a little like an abstract interpretation of a snowball or a snow-covered bush, but usually they are compared with a mop.

“The owners of these dogs love to laugh at the unusual appearance of their pets.

“It was really special to see one of these unique dogs playing. I was frozen to the spot watching him.

“He ran and played with his dreadlocks scattering in all different directions every time he moved.

The dog is beyond cute (Photo: Solent News & Photo Agency)

“I will always remember photographing these dogs and I hope to meet Zeus again in the summer to photograph them again.”


The Komondor, considered an ancient breed, is the largest of the Hungarian pastoral breeds and are used to protect sheep and cattle.

Komondor puppies have soft curls that then grow and develop into their long dense cords, which usually begin forming from eight months of age.

The cords develop when the dog’s soft undercoat becomes trapped by the topcoat.

Credits :Mirror

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