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Armpit Dating! Sounds crazy right? It is the newest trend in the dating world.

Blind dates can be awkward at the best of times, but a new event for singletons has taken it to the next level.


The world’s first ever armpit sniffing dating event took place at the Alcoholic Architecture bar in central London on Wednesday night.

Speed daters put paper bags over their heads before going around the room to smell the armpits of potential love interests.


Organisers of Romancing The Armpit say the unusual dating method is the perfect way to work out your compatibility as pheromones play a huge part in sexual attraction.

The event description reads: ‘We can’t promise anything, but hope that where dubious scents, biological instincts and romance collide, you might just find your match.

The next dating event of Armpit Sniffing is on 25th May with a lecture into the science of odor and genetic compatibility.

Every participant will smell each other using nosing cones after that they rate the armpits according to their choices! Strange but interesting!

Watch the video:

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