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Be Warned! The Infamous KRK Strikes Again; Abuses a ‘Kapoor’ on Twitter

  • Kamal R Khan (KRK) is back yet again with his rants on Twitter. And this time, he resorts to shooting abuses on a senior actor from the industry. Since his movies never tend to make an impact, absurd Tweets seem to be his one and only route to attain fame.


    Apart from targeting renowned celebs of Bollywood to pass cheap comments, he hasn’t spared any actor ranging right from Alia Bhatt to Ranveer Singh. While all his previous comments have either been cheap or funny, the actor’s abuses backfired the last time he attempted to troll a famous member of the ‘Kapoor’ clan.

    Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor recently took to expressing his displeasure on twitter. The actor revealed how he doesn’t want national properties to be named after the members of the ‘Gandhi’ family. Pointing out at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, he asked why it wasn’t named after Mahatma Gandhi, Ambedkar or Bhagat Singh; the ones who’ve actually made the country proud. Mentioning that these individuals have achieved much more than politicians ever have, he suggested the airport might as well be named after himself; ‘Rishi Kapoor’.

    Although this tweet took the social media by storm, it was none other than KRK who decided to take things one step ahead. KRK, being the annoying KRK that he is, took to abusing Rishi Kapoor on twitter.

    This isn’t the first time KRK targeted Rishi Kapoor. A while ago, KRK even called the actor a frustrated drunkard. The sensible actor that Rishi Kapoor is, he chose to ignore the tweets; but not before the matter was reported to twitter and KRK’s absurd rant was taken down.

    With KRK having targeted the actor again, we’re yet to see if Rishi Kapoor will take a hard stand on the matter this time. Having crossed all levels of insanity, such vulgar posts shouldn’t be ignored.

    KRK, we understand you’re cheap. But why so cheap?!

    And for all of you who’re wondering what the tweets were, go ahead and swipe right. It’s time to get your *Facepalm* mode on! 

  • rishis_tweet_2_1463728607
  • Although, Rishi Kapoor’s tweet did take the nation by storm, we believe every individual has the right to voice out their opinion.

  • krk_tweet_1_1463728605
  • Resorting to abuses however isn’t the way to object ones opinion. Time to learn KRK!

  • krk_tweet_2_1463728605
  • KRK’s continuous rants against Rishi Kapoor!

  • krk_tweet_3_1463728606
  • You’ve stooped to all time low Mr. KRK!

  • krk_tweet_4_1463728606
  • *Facepalm*

  • rishis_tweet_1_1463728606
  • Ignore away Mr. Kapoor!

  • Source : Daily Bhaskar

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