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Bigg Boss 10: 13 Probable ‘Non-Celebrity’ Contestants List Revealed…

The biggest controversial reality show Bigg Boss 10 is all set to hit the television screens. This time, the Salman Khan hosted show, will be different, as the house has opened the doors for the commoners.

Recently, the Colors’ CEO Raj Nayak released three promos, in which we got a glimpse of the commoners, who would participate on the show. The first promo introduced a beautiful girl from Kashmir, who claims to be a dreamer, believer and go-getter.

The second promo introduces us to a swamiji, while the third promo was of a desi guy, who was seen riding a bike and a tractor amidst the village farm. Well, if you think these are the ‘confirmed’ contestants on the Bigg Boss 10, then you are wrong.


Commoners & Celebrities On BB 10 According to the reports the Bigg Boss house will have 50-50 ratio of commoners and celebrities. That is, eight of them will be commoners and the other eight will be celebrity contestants.


13 Contestants Shortlisted According to the Reality Post reports, the makers had selected 30 commoners. Out of which, 13 contestants have been shortlisted through auditions, group discussion and personal interview. Well, seeing the numbers, one might be confused, thinking that the house might have ‘only’ commoners!


Bigg Boss & UC Browser The answer is no. The house will indeed have a mix of commoners and celebrities. Now, out of these 13 celebrities, the fans are asked to vote for their favourite probable contestant, using UC browser (who is the trending partner of Bigg Boss 10).


Out Of 13 Contestants, 8 Contestants Will Be Selected! The source was quoted by the website as saying, “Fans have been asked to vote for their favourite probable contestant. Out of these 13 probables, 8 will go directly inside the Bigg Boss 10 house, while the rest might enter later as wildcards.”


13 Probable ‘Non-Celebrity’ Contestants The first probable non-celebrity contestant Manoj Punjabi is a businessman and is from Jaipur. His hobbies are playing Cricket, flirting with girls, mimicry and watching cartoon shows. Age: 34; Sunsign – Capricorn.


Contestant 2 The second probable non-celebrity contestant is Lokesh Kumari Sharma from Delhi. She is a student and loves dancing, singing, eating, to roam around and have a lot of fun in life. Age: 25; Sunsign: Pisces


Contestant 3 The third probable non-celebrity contestant is Nitibha Kaul. She is also from Delhi and is an account strategist by profession. She loves Singing, dancing, listening to music, swimming and reading. Age: 23; Sunsign: Scorpion

10-1476039783-manveerContestant 4 The fourth probable non-celebrity contestant is Manveer Gurjar (Manoj Kumar Baisoya) from Noida. He is a dairy owner, who loves gymming, kabbadi, wrestling, and also to watch wrestling on TV and to go out with friends. Age: 29; Sunsign: Gemini


Contestant 5 The fifth probable non-celebrity contestant is Navin Prakash. He is from Jhajha, Bihar. He is a teacher by profession and loves reading writing, listening to songs. Age: 26; Sunsign: Leo


Contestant 6 The sixth probable non-celebrity contestant is Kajol Tyagi. She is from Mumbai. She is a ‘YouTuber’ and an actor. Dancing, sleeping and talking are her hobbies. Age: 23; Sunsign: Capricorn


Contestant 7 The seventh probable non-celebrity contestant is Pramod Dahiya. He is a writer/actor by profession. He is originally from Haryana and currently resides in Mumbai. His hobbies are eating home-made foods, reading, listening to old songs, playing sports and gymming. Age: 37; Sunsign: Aquarius


Contestant 8 The eighth probable non-celebrity contestant is Nikhil Mehta from Mumbai. He is a singer/actor by profession and loves listening to music, playing instruments. He also loves playing cricket. Age: 24; Sunsign: Sagittarius


Contestant 9 The ninth probable non-celebrity contestant is Dev Devgan (Davinder Devgan) from Ludhiana. He is a businessman. His hobbies are dancing to Bhangra beats, singing loudly and talking loudly. Age: 30; Sunsign: Sagittarius


Contestant 10 The 10th probable non-celebrity contestant is Firoz Khan from Mumbai. He is an actor/singer by profession. His hobbies are rafting, bungee jumping, cycling, and all adventure sports. Age: 27; Sunsign: Scorpion


Contestant 11 The 11th probable non-celebrity contestant is Mandira Chauhan from Pune. She is into radio programming. She loves road trips and house parties. Age: 36; Sunsign: Libra.


Contestant 12 The 12th probable non-celebrity contestant is Ruchika Singh is from Delhi and is an actor. She loves reading books (only spiritual books or sometimes magazines), travelling, partying and watching movies. Age: 39; Sunsign: Virgo


Contestant 13 The 13th probable non-celebrity contestant is Priyanka Jagga from Delhi. She is a recruiter in marketing. Her hobbies are dancing, playing badminton, trekking, and enjoying barbecue with friends. Age: 32; Sunsign: Sagittarius.

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