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Bollywood Stars and Their Crazy Fan Stories Will Amuse You to the Core!

There are fans and then there are crazy fans. They not only eat, sleep and breathe their favorite stars but also go on to do weird things at times, that only speaks volumes about their craze for that person. Our Bollywood stars experience this the most and have even shared some of their craziest ‘fan stories’ with people. With SRK’s Fan set to hit the screens soon, the time seems just right for you to know certain interesting fan stories of different celebs. 


Amitabh Bachchan

The superstar shares that he cannot forget this fan from Surat, all his lifetime. He says, “It all happened when the actor got injured during the shooting of his film Coolie.  This man wished that if I recover fully, he will come to Siddhi Vinayak walking backwards! He did the same thing. Today he is Jaya’s rakhi brother!!”  


Salman Khan

During the verdict of Salman’s hit-and-run case last year, these conjoined sisters from Jaipur read namaz for three days without eating anything. The actor called the sisters to his place and spent an entire day with them. 


Priyanka Chopra

The actress revealed that during the shooting of ‘Anjaana Anjaani’, one of her fans from the crowd tried to touch her. He came close to her in the name of taking a photograph. After learning this, Priyanka gave him a tight slap!


Shah Rukh Khan

Once, SRK’s fan crossed over the walls and entered his home! When security guards caught him and handed him to the police, that man revealed that he did so because he wanted to use SRK’s pool!  


Deepika Padukone

Deepika shares that one of her fans spent Rs. 4 lakh just to see her at an event. “I was really amused to know that,” the actress claims. 


Akshay Kumar

Sharing his unusual fan story, Akshay revealed that his security guard once told him that a girl was protesting outside his home for three days just to see him. After learning this, Akshay called her to his home thinking that she will ask for an autograph and leave. But to his shock, as soon as the girl entered, she hugged Akshay and started crying, saying that he was her boyfriend who got separated. The actor was more amused when the girl said that she wanted to marry him. The actor, however, handeled the situation calmly and called her parents. The girl’s family members revealed that they were a well-off family in Punjab and their daughter had run away from home just to meet the actor. 


Bipasha Basu

The Bollywood beauty shares that she met one of her fans who was a journalist. Interestingly, his father was Bipasha’s bigger fan who asked his son to touch Sai baba’s feet and worship Bipasha’s photo before giving his exams! When the actress talked to the journalist’s father on phone, he could not say anything else, but, “I Love You Ma’m.”  “That was really sweet,” exclaims Bips.   


Katrina Kaif

Katrina says that during one of her outdoor shoots, there was a man in the crowd who was adamant to meet her. He started crying after the bouncers stopped him. After seeing all this, Kat called him, shook hands and gave him her autograph.  


Kapil Sharma  

Kapil says, “Although I don’t consider myself a star, but once I met a lady who was suffering from cancer. She told me that she watched my show ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’ regularly, even the repeats, as it helped her forget her pain. I felt happier when I got to know that she recovered from the disease fully.”


Ameesha Patel

The actress shares that she was amused to find out letters with ‘I Love You’ written on them with blood. She told this to her family who advised her to go to the police. She did the same and has not been able to know the name of her crazy fan yet!

Source : Dainik Bhaskar

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