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Deepika Padukone should fire her stylist – Twitterati rant over her failed look at Star Screen Awards


By now pics of Deepika Padukone serenading the red carpet of Star Screen Awards might have gone viral. We’re guessing not in a good way, though. And her stylist, Shaleena Nathani is bearing the brunt of it! Wearing a black Gauri and Nainika gown, the actress attended Star Screen Awards and to be quite blunt, with that outfit, she surely didn’t deserve the Style Icon award of the year. Not just us, even Twitterati and fans are mighty pissed with the stylist for making Deepika wear such an outfit. Fans have personally attacked Shaleena and told her to quit as DP’s stylist. 

A lot of comments have been made in terms of firing Shaleena as her stylist. Their comments ranged from how unhappy they were with the stylist’s work to why Deepika agreed to wear the gown. The fact that it’s a custom made gown further makes us wonder whoever designed this, was surely not thinking straight. Some fans have even suggested DP that she change her stylist to Anaita Shroff Adajania. You can scroll below and check out the outrage caused by the actress’ rosy black gown.

It started from Shaleena being termed as the worst stylist –


Shaleena then got flooded with HATE messages –


On behalf of the entire fanclub of DP, someone wrote a letter to the stylist! –



deepika-stylist-bashed-by-twitterati-5-1Deepika and Shaleena’s equation also become topic of discussion –


Finally, funnybones had their take on the outfit –


Just as fans have stated their displeasure over the rose on the gown, we too believe that the rose was way too big and the trail too long. To add to this, we were also not a fan of the frills that tried to make the look more fancy. While we’ve been blessed with some of DP’s gorgeous looks, she sure seems to have overdone it. The biggest irony to this look is the fact that Padukone has been awarded with the Style Icon award. No offense Deepika but she and Shaleena have given us some really kickass fashion cues. Therefore it hurts us to see that while receiving her due, the choice she made was a wrong one.

credits : bollywoodife

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