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Dog Saves Unconscious Bird, Bird Can’t Be More Grateful

Meet Diamond, the smart doggie from Iceland who has just become a hero after saving an unconscious bird. The Jack Russell’s dad Gunnar Kr Sigurjónsson was busy working at a home office when the dog walked in and started whining, as if wanting the man to follow. “When I didn’t follow, he came back and whined some more,” Gunnar told The Dodo. “So finally I gave in and followed him.”

Diamond ran straight to the balcony where Sigurjónsson saw a little bird without any signs of life. “I immediately thought the bird was dead, so I called Diamond inside,” said Gunnar. “Then I thought I saw the bird blink an eye.”

The little fellow started to move his wings. Sigurjónsson quickly brought him inside the house. “I gave him some water and some birdseed I had. After an hour or so, I was going to set him free, but wanted to take some pictures first… Then he flew a big circle in my living room and landed back … right on top of Diamond’s head!”

Once the man took the bird back into his hands, “Diamond came nose to beak to the bird and then he started licking him.” Sigurjónsson named the birdie Bíbí and, eventually, set him free.


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