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Dog Too Sick To Sit Is Given A Final Ride Around Town, Makes A Miraculous Recovery.

Joey Maxwell and his wife adopted Maverick from a kill shelter 8 years ago. 2 years ago Mav was diagnosed with lymphoma, and owners did everything to help their pooch fight cancer.The first chemo was a success, but two months ago the illness returned, making the pooch unable to walk…So Maxwell came up with a brilliant idea – to put a sick dog on a wagon and take him for rides around town.Maxwell thought it was Maverick’s last days, and wanted them to be as joyful as possible.But the rides brought so much joy to Maverick, it caused a stunning recovery!

“If we take him out, he barks at everyone who passes until they pet him because he thinks the whole world is there just to love on him,” Maxwell told CBS News.When people in Maxwell’s little town see Maverick now, they recognize him and come to him to show the pooch some love.After sharing his story, Maxwell got a 50% discount on a wagon and both him and Lowe’s cashier started to cry.Maxwell and his wife say that Maverick means the world to them, and they are very touched by the community’s support.“We’re in a good place because we know how much Mav means to so many other people now and we know that he has felt every bit of that in return”

Maverick is feeling the loving vibes: now he is even able to sit on his own and is getting stronger every day!

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