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Dogs that were rescued just in time.

For any animal that has been raised as a pet, ending up homeless and abandoned is a terrible ordeal.



Miley was found on a rubbish heap. The dog was badly wounded and could barely move. Now Miley has fully recovered and enjoys a happy life with new owners.



Kenzie the Cocker Spaniel was badly mistreated by it’s owners. Luckily, the dog was saved just in time. Kenzie is now a living example of how love and attention can transform a victimized pet.



This stray called Ellen has found a temporary home at an animal shelter. A pets protection fund helped to turn the poor creature into a right little beauty (a process that involved getting rid of nearly a kilogram of tangled hair).



A passing woman spotted this marvelous Poodle scavenging for food on one of Los Angeles’ garbage dumps. A pet support fund helped the long-suffering animal regain its fluffy exterior (at the time of rescue, matted hair accounted for more than half of Dolly’s body weight).



Theo was abandoned by his owners. After nearly a year of life on the street, the pooch was found and rescued by the “Hope for Paws” fund volunteers.

Little Betty


This little doggie was left by its owners on the street to die. The poor creature was in a very bad state when it was found and taken to an animal shelter.



Woody ended up homeless following the death of his owner. The dog spent several months hiding from the world, not letting anyone get near him. During that time, the pooch lost one eye. Luckily, animal rescuers managed to save this little stray’s life.



Meet Tracy, a pedigree miniature poodle who’s fallen victim to his owners’ negligence. Fortunately, the dog was spotted by a passing motorist and handed over to an animal protection society. At the time, Tracy’s dirty, tangled hair almost prevented her from walking. Veterinary workers helped the poor thing regain her health and good looks.



When Alan ended up at an animal shelter, he was barely recognizable as a dog. But a shave and some grooming had revealed the miserable creature to be a young and friendly pooch! Alan has now found loving new owners.



Boo was discovered on a roadside and taken to the nearest animal shelter. As it turned out, hidden beneath the tangles of dirty hair was this miniature and incredibly adorable doggie!



This unfortunate animal was found in Mexico, barely alive and suffering from a horrible eye infection. A Facebook campaign helped to amass the sum of money necessary for the dog’s transportation to the U.S. and it’s subsequent treatment. These days, Iggy is impossible to keep still — the pooch is always eager to run around and play with everyone!



When Vita was discovered near a garbage dump, she was terribly emaciated. It’d taken her rescuers several months to heal and nourish her back to normal. She now looks fantastic!



Cedar was named after the golf course near which he was discovered. His hair was mangy and his ribs protruded gruesomely from beneath his thinned skin. Cedar now lives in a spacious house, receiving all the care and attention he needs.



The photo on the right shows Olivia on the day she was taken from a dog shelter by her new owners. The photo on the left portrays her the way she was the year before.



At the time of his rescue, Shrek was covered in wounds. His hair was dirty and tangled. Veterinary workers cleaned him up and nursed him back to health. Shrek turned out to be an adorable 6-year-old Maltipoo. He’s already found new owners.

No doubt, there are animal shelters in your neighborhood, as well. Their staff will always welcome your volunteer work and financial donations. Your personal attitude can make a difference, too! Next time you see a homeless or mistreated animal, don’t turn a blind eye!

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