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Drug dealers use Bollywood celebs’ names as code words, reveals Mumbai Crime Branch

  • In a shocking revelation made by a leading daily, Bollywood celebrities’ names are being used by the drug dealers as code words to refer to drugs! As per sources in Mumbai’s Crime Branch, many A-listers’ are entwined in this namesake trap.
  • Consequently, the drug dealers of Mumbai have been using other stars’ names to identify these popular narcotics. While the Befikre star Ranveer Singh is referred to as ‘Peddler’, Ranbir Kapoor is termed as ‘Host.’
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  • Our leading ladies are the most popular ones on the name game list. Alia Bhatt is addressed as ‘Cocaine’, Kangana Ranaut as ‘Afeem’ and Katrina Kaif as ‘Smack!’
  • The code for ‘LSD’ is global star Priyanka Chopra, ‘Ecstasy’ is related to Nargis Fakhri’s name and Anushka Sharma is labelled as ‘Hashish.’
  • Credits : Bollywood Papa

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