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Dubai Police to record Boney Kapoor’s statement on wife’s death

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  • Now that Dubai Police has released the body for embalming and repatriation, is the probe over? Is it all clear?
    The answer is a NO. And here’s why:
    The Dubai police, backed by state of the art equipment and a forensic laboratory that is comparable to anything in the world, have a first rate investigative record and have resolved crimes often in hours of their occurring.

  • At this moment there is no crime committed but the police will investigate the circumstances that led to Sridevi’s death by drowning. The first step is to send the forensic report to the public prosecutor’s office which will assess the merit of the case and then decide on further action. And if they believe that there are persons of interest who can shed light on the issue — whether it concerns the alcohol content in her blood or the reason why the bath tub was reportedly full or even why a friend was called by husband Boney Kapoor rather than the hotel doctor and support staff — they will detain and question anyone they feel can shed light on how she drowned.
    There is no guilt or suspicion and it is only procedure and the answers may well clear the air. .
    If there is even a shred of doubt or a grey area they will not allow people to leave the country. The police probe is mutually exclusive from the medical report and the body’s release has no bearing on the police taking further steps.

  • Much of the mess created in what will now be a trying time for all has been by conjecture. Indian media’s feeding frenzy and the premature conclusion that she died of a cardiac arrest is what has led to the confusion. It would be better to just let the police in Dubai get on with their task and till then a freeze on guesswork would be appropriate.

    Executive Editor of UAE’s Khaleej Times, Vicky Kapur told ABP News that the Dubai Police will record the statement of Sridevi’s husband Boney Kapoor in connection with her sudden demise. Boney was present in the room where Sridevi died of “accident drowning” and was reportedly the one who first found her lying unconscious in the bath tub. 

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