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Five-year-old Swallows Toothbrush, Keeps Mum about Pain for One year.

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    A five-year-old boy from Dhamtari in Chhattisgarh swallowed a toothbrush and remained silent for 6 months before he started feeling severe pain while having food and urinating.
    The kid, Keshav Sahu, didn’t complaint about the acute pain because he was afraid of getting reproached by his mother. However, when the boy was taken to Raipur medical college, complaining extreme pain, the doctors found a 5 cm stone in the urinary bladder along with some foreign objects.
    “The foreign object was not clear in the x-ray and ultrasound. When we pulled the stone out of the boy’s bladder, a 15-cm long stick came out with the stone covered with blood. Later, we came to know that it was a toothbrush,” said the doctor who is treating the kid.
    When the boy was questioned, he admitted to swallowing a toothbrush accidently but he didn’t remember when the incident happened. The boy’s parents were stunned when the doctors revealed that their child has kept a toothbrush in his tummy for around a year but never disclosed this to anybody.
    The doctor added, “It was an unusual case as generally we come across cases like swallowing of coins by children. The toothbrush pricked three holes in boy’s intestine and then reached the bladder. People generally die in such cases if they are not provided treatment on time but how this little boy survived is nothing less than a miracle.”

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