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For those who think that physical labour is men’s domain, these women have categorically proved otherwise.

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A group of 20 women in Kalikavu village near the Malappuram district of Kerala, in an enthralling display of women power, have proved what it means to take matters into their own hands. Collaborating under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, these women have dug more than 100 bore wells in just a year to end water scarcity in this region often plagued by scanty rainfalls and perennial rivers running dry.Even in places where people couldn’t find water and abandoned work, women have succeeded because of their unity and determination,” says Gram Panchayat president A. Jamila.
Not just in Kerala, such initiatives are gradually rising across the nation. More and more rural and tribal women are taking up tools to dig away their water woes. The courageous women of Langoti village in Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh picked up shovels and hammers to dig a well on their own after the gram panchayat refused to help them. Digging a 20ft-deep well in just 40 days, these women not just solved the water crisis in the village but also put an end to the woes of Dalits in the area who had no access to water. Interestingly, at the first sighting of water, men finally offered to help, but the women preferred to complete the task on their own.

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