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From Volatile to Warm: Here’s Looking at Bollywood Celebs and their Relationship with the Step-Parents

When life hits, none can escape it. And while we get busy contemplating on the tragedies of life, there are certain others who have to live up to the tragedies inculcated on them for no mistake of their own. Yes, we are referring to the second marriages that more than often tend to leave a mark in the lives of the kids of the previously wed. While several kids mature-up to understand love, certain others are unable to let go off the grief for long; and Bollywood relationships are no different either.

While love knows not of boundaries and age, little does a young child understand the same. All they see is how the parent that was left behind suffers the grief of singlehood. The same child grows up, understands the complexities of a relationship and it’s a hunky-dory ride from then on. Unfortunately for Bollywood, there are certain star kids who could never share a peaceful relationship with the second-half.

While the industry has witnessed step parent-child relationships blossoming, certain others never take to openly disclosing the bond they share. May be the fear of media’s gruesome drilling or simply being unable to share their thoughts on the matter is the reason. Either which way, the industry has seen several actors share a step relationship with their parents.

Arjun Kapoor for instance, could never get over the fact that his father Boney Kapoor married Sridevi. Salman on the other hand, shares a beautiful bond with his step-mom Helen. While the older stars witnessed an entirely different change of events during their childhood, the younger star kids have a different tale altogether.

Be it Kareena’s relationship with Saif’s daughter Sara Ali Khan or Manyata Dutt’s relationship with Trishala, these star kids have accepted their step-mom better; may be the age factor has something to do with it?!

So go ahead and have a look at the varied relationships stars share with their step parents. And if you’re sailing in the boat, let your parents’ have a chance at love too; they deserve it!

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