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Heartless Thug Beats Innocent Dog With A Stick Near Police Station! Demand Punishment!

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A stray dog residing near the New Police Quarters in Andheri, India was savagely beaten up by a man, leading to blindness in one eye, and other grievous injuries.

The dog was taken to a veterinarian by the animal rights group, Save Our Strays.

It was determined that the dog was brutally hit with a stick. The abuser also tried to strangle the helpless animal. Some other people tried to intervene when the cruel man locked the terrified dog inside the toilet to further thrash him.

One of the dog’s eyes popped out, and somehow it fled towards Andheri railway station to escape further punishment.

The horrible abuse happened right under the eyes of the police. Now this dog is blind in one eye and suffers from his injuries.

Take action and demand justice for the poor creature and see that the subhuman responsible for his abuse gets punished. ACT NOW!

Please visit this site to sign the petition.

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