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I have closed doors for love: Adaa Khan

TV actress Adaa Khan who get the fame with the character of Shesha from Colors’ supernatural show “Naagin” has no faith in love.

The actress  is currently in the best phase of her life and is happy with the way her career is moving forward. However, on a personal front Adaa is happy being single and has closed doors to love after experiencing a heartbreak.


It had been reported that Ankit cheated on Adaa by simultaneously dating his then co-star Roopal Tyagi from “Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke“.

“Right now I am single and I have closed my doors to love. Because what I see around today is lot of breakups, divorces and there’s no loyalty left. So, when I see these things I feel it is better to stay single. Rather than getting into a relationship, suffering a heartbreak and ruining your life, I would like to stay single and be happy” Adaa said during the launching event of ‘Naagin’ season 2.

When asked how has life changed after the heartbreak, the actress said, “Now when I see around I find this very common. Almost everyone is having a fling. Even married men are having an extra-marital affair it has become very normal. But for me it was a shock. So I have decided to stay away from it. Today people have flings in the name of friendship. For me when I love someone I would want that relationship to be successful. If again something like this happens it will break me. After the heartbreak I have evolved as a person, I have definitely grown as a person. I have learnt my lesson. I have totally changed as a person.”

So, is there any pressure at home to settle down in life, “No my father is very supportive of my decision. For him my happiness is a priority. He feels if I am happy nothing else matters to him. Rather than seeing a divorcee daughter at home. Its better be single, successful and happy,” concluded Adaa.

Adaa is gearing up for the next season of supernatural show “Naagin”. In season two, Mouni will be playing the role of both a mother and a daughter. The show will go on air this Saturday on Colors channel.

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