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Man Climbs Up Building To Save A Dog Dangling On The 13th Floor.


A man in Colombia put his life on the line to save a dog from death, an extraordinary act of heroism all caught on film.

Last Friday, Diego Andrés Dávila Jimenez was at home in his 13th-floor apartment in Bogota when he got a call alerting him to a pending emergency.It was his next-door neighbour’s dog, Luna, who had somehow slipped between the rails of her balcony and was moments away from falling, hanging by just her hips and back legs.

Meanwhile, a crowd had gathered to watch in horror from the ground below.

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“I hurried to tell my neighbour, but she wasn’t home,” Jimenez told The Dodo. “So I decided to act.”

Since he couldn’t reach the spot from his own place, Jimenez got permission from people in an apartment downstairs to help from there.

At first he tried to nudge Luna to safety with a broom, but when that failed he did the unthinkable: He started climbing.

“People on the ground were screaming. They had a mattress out just in case,” said Jimenez. “The truth is, I did not think about the dire consequences. I did not look down.”

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Footage from the incident shows just how harrowing the rescue was. Fortunately, he arrived in time to pull Luna to safety.

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