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Pet love: Man performs last rites of his parrot in UP’s Amroha

Amroha: People performing last rites of their relatives after their demise is part of our tradition and post-death rituals, but now a man in Uttar Pradesh’s Amroha has performed last rites of his favourite pet – parrot.


It has now come to light that a man identified as Pankaj Kumar Mittal had performed last rites of his pet parrot as per Hindu rituals.

Mittal, a teacher by profession, has done this as a mark of love and gratitude for his beloved parrot who passed away on March 5.

Mittal, who lives in Amroha’s Hasanpur, also organised a `havan` and `bhoj` (feast) on Sunday.

“I adopted it five years ago when it could not fly because of a leg injury, treated him even better than my son,” he was quoted as saying by ANI.

The Mittal family even took the mortal remains of the deceased parrot to Ganga Ghat and performed all the rituals there.

They not only cremated the parrot as per Hindu rites but also organised a prayer meet. 

Credits : Ani News

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