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Pictures Of Riya Sen That Would Surely Make You ‘Sit & Stare’ At Her!

The classy, slim and beautiful Riya Sen, has tons of stunning pictures to her credit as she’s both a model and an actress. Riya, has a body to die for.

04-1467612528-1 04-1467612536-1r1 04-1467612543-1r2 04-1467612551-1r3 04-1467612559-1r4

04-1467612567-2 04-1467612576-3 04-1467612583-4 04-1467612592-5 04-1467612608-7 04-1467612616-8 04-1467612624-9

04-1467612639-13 04-1467612646-14 (1) 04-1467612653-15 04-1467612661-17 04-1467612668-18 04-1467612676-untitled

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