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Pregnant Dog Gets Her Own Maternity Photo Shoot, And She Totally Kills It.

Chanel is Kennedy Sorensen’s pregnant golden retriever, expecting to give birth to puppies any day now. To document the four-legged soon-to-be mom’s pregnant journey, Sorensen organized a maternity photo shoot for her and puppy daddy LeeRoy. The owner of LeeRoy, Amy Rients, took the photos and they turned out absolutely adorable with both pups posing next to a “9 Days Until Puppies” sign.

dog-maternity-photo-shoot-chanel-kennedy-sorensen-2 dog-maternity-photo-shoot-chanel-kennedy-sorensen-3 dog-maternity-photo-shoot-chanel-kennedy-sorensen-4 dog-maternity-photo-shoot-chanel-kennedy-sorensen-6

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