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Priyanka Chopra invokes our TEENAGE DREAMS in this latest magazine cover.

The diva, Priyanka Chopra is too hot and cute at the same time!

693829Priyanka Chopra is the ultimate covergirl! With every cover release, she just keeps looking better and better. Chopra, who has been making headlines now and again ever since the year has started.

For Priyanka, featuring on covers and looking jawdroppingly sultry is child’s play. However, in this latest Vogue photoshoot she upped her cuteness level she shed down her hotness level! Honestly, PeeCee, never knew one could do that but thanks to you now I do and everyone else will too.


Oh my god, look at that girl

Donning an Alexander McQueen lace dress and a jacket has gotta be the perfect combination! Oh and those Zanotti booties! Cute, all the way.


Donning Chanel from top to bottom, she looks super cute.


Lady in red looks lovely as always!


Daddy’s li’l girl is starstruck as she is all about starry brooches but we’re not complaining one bit because it’s too awesome!


Peek-a-boo just got a whole new avatar in the form of Priyanka’s heart-filled Ashish top that’s teamed with American Apparel’s bodysuit and not to forget the bewitching Gucci heels.

Girl, you make me feel like I’m living a teenage dream!

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