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Refugee Boy Refuses To Leave Injured Stray Dog Until Help Arrives.

An 8-year-old refugee from war-torn Syria named Hüseyin el-Hasan just got our faith in humanity restored after helping an injured stray dog. Hüseyin spotted a doggie hit by a car near his new home in Kilis, Turkey. The boy immediately rushed to help, and brought a blanket from his home – even when his own house was experiencing some heating problems. Hüseyin placed the blanket over the dog’s trembling body, then alerted the adults to call for help. While waiting for the rescuers to arrive, Hüseyin lovingly stayed by the dog’s side…

After some time, the animal care workers arrived and took the stray to the vets. Unfortunately, it was too late – the dog passed away from internal bleeding caused by injuries. This left the little boy heartbroken, but his act of kindness was not forgotten. The city’s deputy mayor Cuma Özdemir visited Hüseyin at home to honor the boy and his family. Özdemir said that while the boy’s gesture may not seem like much to some, it shows the best side of humanity.

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