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Rescue Kitten Finds Foster Mom Who Takes Care Of Her Day And Night,

Tika, a rescued kitten, came to our home very ill, with worms and an intestinal infection. The vet told us that the baby may not survive, she was too sick and couldn´t eat anything. After a few days, feeding her day and night every 2 hours, with a syringe and taking antibiotics, a little miracle occurred! Tika was getting stronger and started eating herself.

When this little tabby kitten was a little bit recovered, she started meowing for her mom. As soon as Paf, the resident cat, heard the baby crying, she came running to her. Tika stopped meowing, she was very curious about her big kitty friend. They stared at each other for a while and suddenly, Paf started sniffing to Tika very close.

The cat showed a lot of interest to play with the kitten, so shyly, these two kitties started playing together

Then this happened… Little Tika was held down for a mandatory bath. Paf officially became her foster mommy.

Paf, the mummy cat, made sure that baby Tika was clean and warm every day. Yeah! A mother´s love is amazing. Now, the two girls sleep always together, even share the small cat bed.

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Credits : Bored Panda

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