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These photos of Nia Sharma will take the hotness quotient up a notch!

Nia Sharma, best known for her role in ZEE TV’s Jamai Raja, took everyone by surprise when she was rated as the third sexiest Asian women. Nia posted a few picture from her latest photoshoot and these pics surely proves the point. Well, the clicks are too hot to handle. 

She shared one snap on Instagram in which she is posing next to a car and wrote, “Here’s to ‘600k’ and counting.!! Thank you all for seeing all my good ones bad ones annoying ones dramatic kinds of posts and still putting up with me @ajaypatilphotography … waiting for more.!!”

Nia posted one more pic and that surely takes the hotness quotient up a notch and wrote, “Being broke would not be my choice , being broken could be ..But its not what I chose! @ajaypatilphotography.”

Credits : Instagram

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