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This 16 year old kid is carrying his brother on his back for a 178-kilometer hike to raise awareness about cerebral palsy!


Cerebral Palsy is a spinal cord disorder that affects children generally at a very young age. It leads to permanent movement disorders and affects their limbs. While symptoms vary in different people, the reason for the disorder is generally abnormal development or damage to parts of the brain that control movement and are responsible for maintaining balance and posture. Cerebral Palsy can set in anytime during pregnancy, childbirth or at times even after birth. Apart from causing movement disorders, Cerebral Palsy can also affect sensory movements like vision, hearing, swallowing, speech, etc. It is one of the most common disorders to occur in children and has been recorded since ancient times.

Hunter and Branden wish to raise awareness about the disorder as though widespread and extremely common, there’s not much known about it. Children suffering from cerebral palsy are often ignored and made fun of or mocked at in school owing to their impairment. Hunter is intent on visiting multiple schools on his trail and raising awareness about the disorder with the help of his brother. Unfortunately for Hunter, though he has annually been conducting treks and hikes, this trail will be his last as he will soon be moving to college and will not able to do the same activities with his brother anymore. Also, as his brother is growing older and heavier, it is getting more and more difficult to carry him.

Hunter carried his brother for the first time in 2014 when he was 14 years old and his brother was 7. Their first journey was for 40 miles and many people supported them and helped them. The brothers then set out for their next journey for 57 miles in 2015. This will be their longest journey so far. The brothers have raised money for a lot of amenities for children suffering from cerebral palsy. They even refurbished the playground at Branden’s school to make it accessible to children suffering from the disorder. People support them throughout their walk and they have even created a stir on social media for their cause!

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