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This 18-YO Survived 34 Snakebites Over Last 3 years And Her Father Says It’s Just Routine

‘ I was bitten by a snake twice or thrice on the same day!’ says 18-year-old Manisha Verma nonchalantly. 

For us mortals, just word snake can send shudders! But this is not the case with Manisha who hails from Himachal Pradesh. Over the past three years, she has survived a whopping 34 deadly stings. 

 “I was bitten by snakes for the past 3 years over 30 times now. I got snakebite first time at my village near a local river. This time I was bitten by a white snake, whenever I see a snake I get enchanted and it bites me,” the ANI quoted her as saying. 

While priests in her village think, she has some ‘divine connection’, Manisha believes that she gets enchanted every time she sees a snake. 


For Manisha‘s father, the regular snakebites aren’t such a big deal,”I have taken her to many temples here besides priests and traditional doctors, as there is a belief in our region that with the blessings of local deities’ temples it could be avoided,” said Sumer Verma

However, forest officials and herpetologists say that the snakes biting her may be non-venomous

“I really don’t know which snake has bitten her. We have Viper and Russell snakes available in Shillai and other areas of Sirmaur. But also the rattlesnakes are common here. It may be some non-poisonous snake that may have bitten her.” Forest Officer Virender told ANI. 

Credits : India Times

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