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This Ostrich Snuggles Orphaned Elephants To Make Them Feel Better After Losing Their Moms

When Jotto the baby elephant was separated from his herd, he was taken to an elephant shelter.There he met an orphaned ostrich named Pea.Pea was rescued back in 2014 and has stayed with elephants ever since Jotto and Pea became BFF! Pea snuggles with the baby elephant and helps him heal…“Orphaned ostrich Pea most definitely believes she is part of the elephant herd…” “…and  little Jotto is more than happy to enjoy a cuddle with his feathered friend”

ostrich-snuggles-orphaned-elephants-1 ostrich-snuggles-orphaned-elephants-2 ostrich-snuggles-orphaned-elephants-3 ostrich-snuggles-orphaned-elephants-4 ostrich-snuggles-orphaned-elephants-5 ostrich-snuggles-orphaned-elephants-7

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