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Touching Stories That Will Change Your Perception of Animals Completely

Many people think that animals can’t feel deeply, but they’re actually able to experience the different emotions that are believed to be a human condition. Friendship, dedication, care, infinite devotion — blessed is the one who has experienced it at least once in their life.


These children were playing with a Jack Russell Terrier, George, when several Pit Bulls attacked them. George tried to protect the children and jumped on the other dogs, but he was seriously wounded. He saved five children and was posthumously awarded a medal for courage.


Two guide dogs, Salty and Roselle, took their owners out of the World Trade Center during the attack on September 11, 2001.


When her owners took blind Spaniel Ellie to their house, they couldn’t imagine their other dog, Leo, would become a guide for Ellie. He helps her on walks, pointing the way and protecting her from other dogs.


In 2011, a diver photographed this fish on the Great Barrier Reef. It smashed a clamshell against a stone to get the contents. The ability to use tools is considered a sign of developed intelligence. Many animals have learned to use simple tools, but this rarely occurs among fish. Until recently there was no documentary evidence of this.


Patricia Adshead was going to drink a cup of tea when a gang of robbers with knives broke into her house. One of them began to threaten the woman, and her dog Oi grabbed the assailant’s hand and saved the owner, having received a head injury. “If she hadn’t gone for him I would have been dead,” says Patricia. The dog was awarded a medal for bravery.

In Alaska, this dog jumped out onto the road to attract the attention of the police. He was running for several kilometers, clearly pointing the way, and eventually led a patrol to his owner’s burning house.


Gandolf the owl laid eggs every year and waited for offspring, but the babies never hatched. Once she was thrown an egg from which a baby goose hatched. She took care of him, even though owls usually kill baby birds that differ from them in appearance or smell.


At the Chimpanzee Rescue Center in Cameroon, Dorothy the chimp died of heart failure. During her funeral, an amazing thing happened: her friends stood around and embraced, as if saying goodbye to her.


dolphin named Jet and a seal named Miri from Australia have been real friends since childhood. For them, there’s nothing better than joint games. In the wild, they would probably compete for food.


Hanama the orangutan is a happy father. He adopted several lion and tiger cubs and became their nurse until they could take care of themselves.


Tara the cat heroically saved baby Jeremy when an angry dog attacked him.

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