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Touching Stories That Will Change Your Perception of Animals Completely.

Many people think that animals can’t feel deeply, but they’re actually able to experience the different emotions that are believed to be a human condition. Friendship, dedication, care, infinite devotion — blessed is the one who has experienced it at least once in their life.


The elephants Jenny and Shirley were taken to the circus at the same time: Jenny was just a baby, and Shirley was already 20 years old. Some time later their ways parted, but 25 years after they met in an elephant shelter. “There was an immediate urgency in Jenny’s behaviour,“ say the shelter workers. ”She was trying to reach Shirley’s stall with her trunk and was very worried. Then Shirley started to roar with all her might. We have never experienced anything even close to this depth of emotion.”


When Suryia the orangutan was small, he lost his parents. He lost the desire to live, wouldn’t eat, and didn’t respond to treatment. Then a dog was brought to the shelter, and he became his best friend at once. Since then they’ve been inseparable.


Mila the Beluga whale pushed Yang Yun to the surface with her nose when the woman had stiff legs during a diving competition. And thus she saved her life.


“You be good. I love you.” This is what Irene Pepperberg heard from her beloved parrot as a goodbye before he died.


Tommy used to visit a church with his owner. But when she passed away, he started visiting services alone. Your dog is only a part of the world for you, but you’re the world for them.


In 2011, scientists proved that cows know what friendship is and experience real grief being separated from their friend.

In 1969, two brothers from London raised Christian the lion cub. But when he grew up, they decided to return him to Africa where he came from. A year later they decided to visit him, but they were told he had become wild and had his own pride, so he wouldn’t recognize them. Above you can see what happened when they found Christian.


When conservationist Lawrence Anthony died, these South African elephants gathered in a group and walked 12 hours to his house. Anthony had saved them from death when poachers wanted to shoot them.


Lisha the Labrador Retriever fed milk to more than 30 animals of different species who lost their moms. She continued to raise these babies after this, teaching them to survive.


Koko the gorilla watched Tea with Mussolini on TV and closed her eyes during a sad farewell scene, in order not to see it.

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