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Tragic baby monkey clings to its dead mother after escaping UNSCATHED when she was electrocuted by overhead power cables.

A traumatised baby monkey was seen clinging to her mother’s dead body after the horror of watching her be electrocuted.   

The tiny howler monkey, called Ashley, was just two weeks old when she was orphaned by the incident which saw her mother hit by a high-power jolt as she tried to save her other child from an uninsulated electrical transformer in Playa Guiones, Costa Rica. 

Little Ashley was on her mum’s back when her mother tried to help her older son who came dangerously close to the transformer.

Rescuers were able to deter her son who fled to safety but it was too late for Ashley’s mother who was electrocuted.

The shock sent Ashley falling from her mum’s back, but rescuers managed to catch the baby, who escaped with only minor burns.

The team from Rescue for Wildlife used special tools to get the mother down from the transformer.

The pair were reunited immediately but sadly Ashley’s mother had absorbed most of the shock – saving Ashley’s life – and she died shortly afterward with her little one watching on.

Images show Ashley, who is now being cared for by Refuge for Wildlife in Nosara, Costa Rica, clinging on to her dying mother and later snuggling up to a blanket and teddy bear, which have been given to her to provide warmth and comfort in the absence of her mother.

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