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What Kind Of Shoes Should You Wear During Pregnancy

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Being pregnant is a bliss, but it is also very important to take special care about one’s health and comfort during various stages of pregnancy. A pregnant woman should not only be careful about her diet, but also what she wears during pregnancy. 

Pregnant women generally suffer from back, hips, legs and feet aches and pain. Sometimes it becomes difficult for them to stand and walk for long. So, wearing the right kind of shoes is a must during pregnancy and here are a few footwear tips for expecting mothers.

Belly shoes: These are lightweight shoes and come in beautiful shapes and designs such as bow-tie, rounded and toe shape. These shoes won’t let your feet swell and won’t cause you any discomfort.

Platform shoes: No doubt they are comfortable as their soles are thick and flat, and the width of the shoe is medium. The sole adds extra ease with space to your toe section and make it easy for you to wear, even when your feet swell in the later stages of pregnancy.

Moccasins: Moccasins are made up of moose skin or other soft leather. The sole is soft and flexible. The upper part is often adorned with embroidery. These could be very comfortable and easy to wear and get out of without twist down for tying. These can be worn during all seasons.

Boots: When choosing a boot, look for a wide-calf boots with a little stretch to make room swollen feet. The material which used in making boots is plush that removes roughness between your feet and boots.

Crocs: You can go for crocs during the summer season as they allow your feet to breathe. They are soft and comfortable. They can fit easily into every pregnant woman’s feet. These can be very helpful if are you suffering from pain in knees, lower legs, and hips.

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