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When Two Fan Girls Reached ‘Mannat’ and Met SRK; The Tweet-Wonder!

Shah Rukh Khan, the King Khan of Bollywood, having a huge fan base both in India and overseas comes as no surprise. And the extent that fans go to meet him? Well, stories are unlimited.


The news of Srk taking out time from his busy schedule to meet a crazy fan from Afghanistan dawned headlines a few months back. Following the trend, two fan girls from Indonesia decided to try their luck as well. And their unbelievable pursuit to meet the star will take you by surprise.

A team of girls from Indonesia decided to come down to India to chase the King Khan. Not only did they go old-school to grab his attention, but took to Twitter to share their journey as well.

Mutiara Ulta Herlita, the fan girl from Indonesia made a hand-made poster that stated how she couldn’t get back to her country without meeting Shah Rukh Khan. Not only did she have a letter for the star, but also a story to share. Now, can you imagine SRK taking out time to pay heed to your story? Well, she sure did hope so!

After Mutiara reached Mumbai, she made her very first tweet pleading the star to meet her, as she wishes to return to her country soon. Since this post alone failed to grab the stars attention, the girls then took to visiting his home ‘Mannat’, where she could no longer contain her sadness. Her only hope? That SRK will stop her rolling tears.

The girls continued their pursuit when they returned to Mannat the next day to pose outside his house. However, all efforts were in vain.

Little did young Mutiara, who took off from her country know how big a hardship this was gonna be. Being left with very little money, the girls had to seek to help from the Consulate General of Republic of Indonesia in Mumbai to find a shelter. Having spent two days sleeping in three different places with no money and no food, guess worked wonders for Mutiara.

Shah Rukh Khan immediately took to his twitter handle in order to reply to the girls. The stars’ tweet, “Will See you girls as I leave from work and hear you story” left the girls in happy tears.

SRK sure did keep his promise and met Mutiara and her friend at Mehboob Studios and also posed along with them for some adorable selfies. Stating her fairy tale had indeed come true; Mutiara thanked SRK for hearing out her story.

Guess trying hard is the key to success. As SRK once said, “Agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho toh poori kaynath tumhein usse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai.”

Well SRK, your fans sure do seem to believe your words! 

tweet_new_1_1463747598 (1)

Mutiara’s plea to the King Khan. 


Her constant pursuit. 


When Mutiara reached Mannat. 


Mutiara outside Mannat on the second day. 


Mutiara seeked help from the Indonesian Embassy as the girls were left with no money.


Mutiara’s dream comes true! And how? 


SRK tweets in response. Oh Wow!


Mutiara poses with SRK. 


Her final tweet. Good going Mutiara!

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